Fair State Brewing Cooperative's Hack The Gibson Hazy IPA craft beer. Three cans standing together showing the black label with teal and purple globe graphics and in the background the 3d glass towers server filesystem representation of the Gibson supercomputer seen in Hackers (1995).

Jolt Cola for those late night hacking sessions and then maybe one of these when things get a bit more social. Celebrate those righteous hacks!

Animated GIF of scene from Hackers (1995) of characters Phantom Phreak and Dade Murphy walking into a house party breaking a crowd of partygoers gathered and smoking in a hallway. Phreak strutting in between them in a leopard-print shirt and jacket. Dade following behind in bight red vest jacket.

It’s a real beer!

Hack the Gibson Hazy IPA - Fair State Brewing

Drinking this beer is a sensory experience akin to flying around inside a giant computer while wearing a super cool eye piece thing and being called a dickweed by the guy from Short Circuit. It’s got a 28.8 modem and an active matrix display with a million psychedelic colors, a killer refresh rate, and triple the speed of a Pentium. It’s cooler than Zero Cool himself.

Look at that description. These are our people.🍻

A can of Fair State Brewing Coop Hack the Gibson hazy IPA craft beer sitting on a sidewalk in the sun with a full pint of beer beside it and the Fair State logo on the glass.


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