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So long NYC payphones and thanks for all the phreaks

The last free-standing public payphones in NYC are being removed. Today the final one in Midtown Manhattan flew away as onlookers and media gawked.

That particular booth’s fate isn’t so terrible however, it’s going to a new home in the collection of the Museum of the City of NY!

Pay phones are being replaced by something like this LinkNYC terminal – a roll-out that’s been happening since like 2015. The calls may be free but there will always been new ways to hack the planet of course.

A LinkNYC modern payphone terminal in New York City with features like USB charging port, wifi and digital display screen. This one with a pink image with bold white text 'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Access' as seen in Hackers (1995) movie. A CyberdeliaNYC sticker can also be seen on it.

NYC news site Hell Gate has a nice post about the real story on the ground/underground:

#### The Death of NYC Pay Phones Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Hell Gate placed a call from a pay phone located in the 14th Street subway station, and it sounded fantastic.

Animated GIF of scene from Hackers (1995), FBI agent is giving a news interview when a television in background is interrupted by static and the smiling face of the hacker character Cereal Killer appears saying "Hola, boys and girls!"

Hola, boys and girls!

U.S. DOJ will no longer prosecute ethical hackers under CFAA

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced a revision of its policy on how federal prosecutors should charge violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), carving out “good-fath” security research from being prosecuted.


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