If I were us, I’d get on the Internet, send out a major distress signal

Scenes from Hackers (1995): RAZOR 'Are we fashionably late?' Hackers in England, Italy, Japan, Russia(?), everywhere, mobilize and start attacking the Ellingson Gibson.
Hackers of the World, Unite! Razor & Blade's electronic army remind of current events. Let's just assume the Eastern European characters depicted are allies of Ukraine... :-P Honestly though, a sad situation in general and we hope safety and resolution for all.

Ukraine calls on hacker underground to defend against Russia

The government of Ukraine is asking for volunteers from the country’s hacker underground to help protect critical infrastructure and conduct cyber spying missions against Russian troops

Hacker collective Anonymous declares ‘cyber war’ against Russia, disables state news website

Hackers identifying with the Anonymous collective announced they had launched cyber operations that briefly took down RT.com, as well as the websites of the Kremlin, the Russian government and the Russian defence ministry websites.


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