A History Lesson from Phreaking Woz

Great interview with Woz by Cybercrime Magazine! Have a listen.

Phone phreaking blue box device replica as made by Steve Wozniak and a Cap'n Crunch toy whistle that emitted 2600 hertz for phone hacking by John 'Captain Crunch' Draper. Living Computers Museum, Seattle, 2017, by CyberdeliaNYC.
Pieces of phone hacking history: Replica blue box device like ones designed by Steve Wozniak, and a Cap'n Crunch cereal box whistle from the 1960s used by phone phreaking pioneer John "Captain Crunch" Draper. Seen on display at the Living Computers Museum, Seattle, 2017.

Steve Wozniak Phreaks Out On The History Of Hacking

Apple’s co-founder takes us to back to 1971

And of course

From Woz to the Phantom Phreak…


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