The One With The Hackers

Spoof of a scene from opening titles of the Friends TV show with title text in white handwritten script capitalized letters HACKERS with yellow red and blue dots between spaced out letters. Background is ornate orange couch in front of a large water fountain and in distance a New York City skyline with illuminated buildings. Photo creation with help of The Word Finder by CyberdeliaNYC.

A fun mashup of Hackers scenes with the opening theme from Friends. Nice job Ryan. (re-upped/re-framed for posterity)

One ponders what the episode titles might be….

  • The One with the 1,507 Systems
  • The One with the Pool on the Roof
  • The One with the Hacking Challenge
  • The One with the Garbage File
  • The One with the Place Where I Put That Thing That Time
  • The One where Hackers of the World Unite
  • The One with the Heinous Scheme
  • etc!


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