The Plot Thickens

Are you coming?

Scene from Hackers (1995) movie: character Kate Libby/Acid Burn played by Angelina Jolie, backpack in hand, standing in closing subway doors, holding them open, in leather Suzuki red and white motorcycle jacket, gazing/beckoning in the character Dade's direction. 'Are you coming?' she asks. Just out of the shot some pieces of orange and blue paper are taped to the subway wall with large printed text. The orange one says There's no speed limit on the information highway. The blue one: Information is penetration. A Cyberdelia sticker can be seen stuck behind the orange paper.
Information Is Penetration. There's no speed limit on the information superhighway.

On this day in history1

Acid Burn, Crash Override, Cereal Killer and Lord Nikon figure out that the next part of a heinous scheme will take place tomorrow. A virus will be deployed to capsize Ellingson Mineral oil tankers to cover the tracks of a nefarious worm and blame hackers. Our hacking heroes are going to need some help.

Cereal: A worm AND a virus? The plot thickens.

  1. Here at Cyberdelia NYC we are slightly skeptical as to the historical accuracy of October 13th due to a few continuity gaffes (Dade’s watch and a printout with a different date) but we roll with the accepted timeline.😎 


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