View Source: The Only Crime Is Curiosity

Joey explores the Gibson in Hackers (a psychedelic trip of equations?)

Hack the HTML!

Tweet from @govparsonMO Governor Mike Parson, Oct 14 2021: 'Through a multi-step process, an individual took the records of at least three educators, decoded the HTML source code, and viewed the SSN of those specific educators. We notified the Cole County prosecutor and the Highway Patrol’s Digital Forensic Unit will investigate.'
Tweet from Governor Mike Parson threatening prosecution for 'decoding the HTML source code'. Part of a Twitter thread.

Missouri governor vows criminal prosecution of reporter who found flaw in state website

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch notified a state agency and held its story while a problem that risked exposing the social security numbers of Missouri teachers was fixed

Update - Feb 2022

Missouri governor rebuffed: Journalist won’t be prosecuted for viewing HTML

Gov. Parson’s claim that viewing HTML is “hacking” fails to sway prosecutor.


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