From Club to Console to… Computer Browser

As you may recall, at one time we had a prototype of the video game wipEout in the club running on a big screen setup for people to play. The futuristic anti-gravity racing game would go on to great acclaim on game console platforms like PlayStation.

GIF of scene from Hackers (1995) film. The face of character Dade Murphy closeup, focused on playing a video game, contorting face, biting lip, as visual of the Wipeout racing game on a large screen spins and flashes in background. His player name DADE and score in neon yellow in top corners.
"Think you can do better?"

Play Wipeout on the Web

Fast-forward many years and Dominic Szablewski @phoboslab has delved into video game maker Psygnosis’ leaked source code and made it playable right in your computer’s web browser.

Now you can live out your high-speed dreams just like Crash & B…err.. Dade & Kate. And remember: the winner (or loser actually) gets to ride off into the night with Curtis.

Rewriting wipEout

The source code for the classic PSX launch title wipEout was leaked in 2022. A few months ago I finally sat down to take a look at it. The result is a (nearly) complete rewrite that compiles to Windows, Linux, macOS and WASM. Thanks to WASM and WebGL you can play wipEout right in your browser!


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