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GIF of scene from Hackers (1995) film. Dade Murphy and Kate Libby, fully clothed, tread water in a swimming pool. Dade looks off into distance then back at Kate, who looks up to realize something and starts laughing and smiling. Dade smiles in satisfaction.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Three red 3.5-inch floppy disks sit on a white table arranged to form a heart shape. Their white labels have 8-bit text on them: CRASH AND BURN.

To those celebrating the Crash to their Burn (and vice versa): Squeeze - Heaven Knows, you’re welcome.

Oz and Yug? They’re flakes!

They’re elite!

Opening title logo of BBC's Making the Most of the Micro Live, October 1983. A line of white computer text 'MAKING THE MOST OF THE' including the BBC Micro Owl mascot icon after the word Making, followed by a large MICRO in blue and overlaid with a handwritten style LIVE in white.

Throwback to a funny moment for both live television and hacking lore. In 1983 the BBC had a number of initiatives to promote computer literacy including some television programs and one-off live specials. One such special aired in October 1983, Making the Most of the Micro Live. In one segment host Ian McNaught-Davis had John Coll in studio with a BBC Micro computer hooked up to a modem. They wanted to demonstrate a new BT Gold phone network that had electronic mail capabilties by dialing in and accessing the new-fangled “e-mail” service. Little did Coll know but the account password issued to them for their demonstration had been revealed to the studio and some guests up for a laugh got word to some hacking friends outside. Upon connecting to the online service, Coll got a surprise message.

Watch the whole sequence from the BBC archives here and see the message below.

BBC hacked live on air, Micro Live, October 2nd 1983, BBC Archive.
Screenshot of BBC Micro screen with white computer text: Computer Security Error. Illegal access. I hope your Television PROGRAMME runs as smoothly as my PROGRAM worked out your passwords! Nothing is secure! Hackers' Song: Put another password in, Bomb it out and try again, Try to get past logging in, we're Hacking, Hacking, Hacking. Try his first wife's maiden name, This is more than just a game, It's real fun, but just the same, It's Hacking, Hacking, Hacking. --The NutCracker ( Hackers' UK ) HI THERE, OWLETS, FROM OZ AND YUG (OLIVER AND GUY)
Unbelievable. A hacker!: Oz & Yug's message and song appearing on screen for hosts of Micro Live.

The Hackers’ Song is great. A classic bit of hacking antics and humor. No harm done really and John Coll kept his cool and carried on with the show like a pro. Oz and Yug? They’re elite!


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