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Pick a better movie plot to inspire your heinous money siphoning scheme

Scene from Hackers (1995) film with the characters Cereal Killer, Acid Burn and Lord Nikon on a subway car holding a piece of computer paper intently as they discuss and realize a key detail of a heinous scheme framing their friends (Lord Nikon leans against subway door area head in hands in anger/dismay). Cereal exclaims 'A worm AND a virus? The plot thickens.'

‘Office Space’ Inspired Engineer’s Theft Scheme, Police Say

A software engineer siphoned more than $300,000 from his employer by introducing what prosecutors called a “series of malicious software edits” that wired money into his personal account. If the scheme sounds like the plot of “Office Space,” that’s because the authorities said it was partly inspired by the movie.

Kate: "RISC architecture is gonna change everything." Dade: "Yeah. RISC is good." Scene from Hackers (1995), characters Acid Burn and Dade Murphy played by Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller discussing technology while the glow of a laptop computer illuminates their faces.

New Year’s prediction…

(for 1996?)

Kate: RISC architecture is gonna change everything.

Dade: Yeah. RISC is good.


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