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The Crime is Curiosity. Ultimate cyberpunk lounge/club destination for random moments of Hackers movie nostalgia and lols.

On this day: Lead Story, OTV News, August 10th 1988

It wasn’t only front page of the New York Times

1,507 systems: got a bit "creative" digging up old footage from the OTV archives.📼 Happy "Zero Cool Day".

For the record too: all the creative direction, the writing, logo and graphics creation, video constuction was done the 'old fashioned way', other than the talking head. Just a little experiment, by no means an endorsement of the technology. An authentic, fan-driven labour of love creation😉

Hello, operator? I’m having trouble dialing a number.

A photo of the housing of a public payphone, just the singular kind on an open stand, on the edge of a public garden, silver metal with blue and white phone symbol at top. There is no phone inside it though. It is empty. A foggy backdrop with some trees in the distance slightly visible.
Partial sighting in the fog.


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