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The Crime is Curiosity. Ultimate cyberpunk lounge/club destination for random moments of Hackers movie nostalgia and lols.

Fair State Brewing Cooperative's Hack The Gibson Hazy IPA craft beer. Three cans standing together showing the black label with teal and purple globe graphics and in the background the 3d glass towers server filesystem representation of the Gibson supercomputer seen in Hackers (1995).

Jolt Cola for those late night hacking sessions and then maybe one of these when things get a bit more social. Celebrate those righteous hacks!

Animated GIF of scene from Hackers (1995) of characters Phantom Phreak and Dade Murphy walking into a house party breaking a crowd of partygoers gathered and smoking in a hallway. Phreak strutting in between them in a leopard-print shirt and jacket. Dade following behind in bight red vest jacket.

It’s a real beer!

Hack the Gibson Hazy IPA - Fair State Brewing

Drinking this beer is a sensory experience akin to flying around inside a giant computer while wearing a super cool eye piece thing and being called a dickweed by the guy from Short Circuit. It’s got a 28.8 modem and an active matrix display with a million psychedelic colors, a killer refresh rate, and triple the speed of a Pentium. It’s cooler than Zero Cool himself.

Look at that description. These are our people.🍻

A can of Fair State Brewing Coop Hack the Gibson hazy IPA craft beer sitting on a sidewalk in the sun with a full pint of beer beside it and the Fair State logo on the glass.

Zero Cool? Crashed fifteen hundred and seven systems in one day? Biggest crash in history, front page, New York Times, August 10th, 1988. I thought you was black, man! Yo, man, this is Zero Cool!

Hackers (1995) scene. Lord Nikon staring intently at Dade Murphy remembering some history with his photographic memory after Dade reveals he has a record, he was Zero Cool. Nikon ponders aloud: 'Zero Cool? Crashed fifteen hundred and seven systems in one day? Biggest crash in history, front page, New York Times, August 10th, 1988. I thought you was black, man!'

On this day: Front page, New York Times, August 10th 1988

The New York Times. New York, Wednesday, August 10, 1988. Headline photo of man in suit staring upwards with caption 'John J. Phelan Jr., foreground, chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, on the floor of the exchange as the trading day drew to a close.'. Headline: 'Wall Street Stocks Take a Plunge As Computer Crash Hits Markets' A wave of selling swept the stock market yesterday, sending the Dow Jones industrial average down 13 points by the close of the trading day. The tumble enticed by a number of computer systems crashing after market open plunging Wall Street into chaos. 
Delaying the sell-off slightly the mayhem appeared to stem from a computer virus rendering key exchange systems inaccessible with NYSE registering a 7-point drop. Initial reports put the number of systems impacted at 1,507. This would make the havoc one of the biggest computer crashes in history.
A 'hacker' believed to have instigated the turmoil from beyond state-lines in Seattle is a prime suspect. Known only by an alias or 'handle' on computer bulletin boards as 'Zero Cool', Federal prosecutors hope to have them arraigned quickly sending a message to other potential electronic trespassers. 'Incidents like this are a growing threat to national security and we'll be looking for increased funding to stop these people' says Richard Gill, an agent with the Secret Service who hopes to form a new task force on the issue..Continued on Page A7 Column 1.... Other headlines and stories include 'Edmonton Trades Its Hockey Treasure', 'Skywalks and Tunnels Bring New Life to the Great Indoors', 'US Seeking Money for UN Gulf Unit','A Spending Freeze Is Put on Yonkers; Court Halts Fines','Federal Reserve Steps Up Interest to Slow Inflation', 'SoHo Space Finds Owner'
Fifteen hundred and seven systems: Headlines of the day include Wall Street Stocks Take a Plunge As Computer Crash Hits Markets. A faithful creation.


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